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Introducing Zeiss GT2 3D Progressive PDF Print E-mail
Carl Zeiss Vision's newest generation of progressive lenses offers advanced customization technology, which enhances depth perception and sharpens your field of view for a more natural and satisfying 3D viewing experience in everything you do! The sophisticated design technology is used to create the ideal lens performance for your unique prescription.

Features include:

  • Wide All-Distance Viewing.
  • Natural 3D Spatial Perception.
  • Each pair of Zeiss GT2® 3D lenses is optimized for just one person-you! You'll experience naturally sharp 3D vision for all distances through perfect alignment of your viewing zones.
  • Smooth transitions: Changes of focus are smooth and natural, so your eyes can go from activities like driving to reading a map with ease.
  • Available in ultra-thin Transitions with an anti-reflective finish, and polarized.
Please stop in to London Optical and ask about Zeiss GT2® 3D lenses, and pick up a free brochure. For more information, please visit Zeiss' web site at www.vision.zeiss.com.

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