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Amelia, Blackgate Orc, Cave Orc, Darkside, etc.

amelia gorgo.jpg

Angelic Yellow, Zombie Blue, Shiva, Rave Pink

angel zomnbie gorg.jpg

Banshee, Whiteout, Manson, Red Cat

banshee gorgzillo.jpg

Cheshire Cat, Reaper, Edward Cullen, New Moon

cheshire gorg.jpg

Green Temptress, Pink Temptress, Angelic Green, Angelic Red

gorg tempress.jpg

Gremlin, Fire, Dark Elf, Moon & Star

grem gorg.jpg

Cerabus, Black Sclera, Envy, Mad Hatter 2, etc.

cerebus gorg.jpg

Demon Freddy, Necromancer, Necromonger, Mangekyo Kakashi, etc.

demon gorgo.jpg

Green Troll, Hellraiser, Blackout, Red Wolf

gorg is a troll.jpg

Griffen, Halo Blue, Halo Gold, Zabos, etc.

griffen gorg.jpg
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