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Ready for an Underwater Adventure?

London Optical offers pre-made and made-to-order prescription swim goggles, and dive masks with customized removable prescription adapters. Be ready to clearly see tropical fish on your exotic vacation, or just see clearly in your swimming pool! Both swim goggles and dive masks come in childrens and adult sizes so everyone in the family can have some great summer swimming fun...without squinting. Dive mask prescription adapters are processed in our on-site laboratory to ensure speed and accuracy! 

Stop in to London Optical before your next warm weather vacation to pick up a pair of Rx swim goggles so your under water vision can be 20/20 too!

Handmade Italian Goggles Fit for a Weekend Warrior

London Optical offers prescription motorcycle goggles by Nannini. These goggles are hand-made in Italy, and feature soft leather padding. The included prescription inserts are easily removable and will fit a wide range of prescriptions.  The retro style of these roadster styled goggles will really turn heads, while they protect you from wind, sand, and other hazards on the open road. Makes a great gift idea for your near-sighted weekend warrior!

Want more info on these unique goggles reatured at London Optical? If so, e-mail us or call 631-427-8500.

Hitting the Slopes in the Winter? Try a Clear Experience With Bolle RX Ski Goggles!

London Optical now features well-known Bolle ski goggles. Bolle has been designing the most durable, comfortable, and functional goggles in the industry for over 50 years. All of the models displayed at London Optical are available with a removable prescription insert if needed.  That's great news for nearsighted and farsighted skiers!  (It's also safer and more comfortable than wearing regular ski goggles over your prescription eyewear.)  

All the Bolle ski goggles, which come in childrens through adult sizes feature:

Anti-fog/Anti-Scratch coating

100% UV protection

Bolle's Trademarked Flowtech Venting.

Helmet compatibility.

Selection of goggle lens colors, including     Vermillon, citrus, lemon, and clear.

Help yourself to see those down hill osbsticles and potential hazards...clearly...and in advance!

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